Humor research

Facial expressions

Here is a powerpoint presentation – no explanations: Link to- ppt presentation 2012

And here are some explanations on the puzzling phenomenon of antithesis (that reverse moods induce reverse expressions): Link to- The origins of antithesis in facial expressions 


  1. The cat that is not there
    “The cat that is not there” is a non-philosophical book about philosophy.

    It attempts to solve a psychological riddle:
    by what features do we identify a philosophical discussion or problem as such?

    In other words – what makes a discussion philosophical?

    Of course, this has implications on the philosophical problems themselves. It may help answer the question how come they are so persistent.

    Here is a link to an English summary of the book.

  2. Circularity
    Here are two parts from a book that should appear within a year or so, “Godel and Heisenberg walk into a bar”:

    1. A first file contains  the introduction, and a part on paradoxes.
    2. A second file contains the part on the problem of Determinism-Free Will and Newcomb’s paradox