Mathematics, poetry and beauty

The book “Mathematics, poetry and beauty” was published in 2008, in Hakibutz Hameuchad. It is about the mechanism of beauty and why is mathematical beauty close to poetic beauty.

Here are a few chapters from the English translation.

  1. The Magic chapter
  2. Beauty chapter
  3. Order chapter

Arithmetic for Parents

In 2004 I published “Arithmetic for Parents”, a book for grownups on  children’s mathematics. It was a best seller, and has had non negligible impact on mathematical education in Israel. Its principles are: systematic teaching, concrete experimentation, putting math before didactics, and using precise terminology. All of these seem to have been assimilated in the Israeli mathematical education during the last decade.

The book is divided into three parts: mathematical principles, didactic principles and the mathematical material.

An English version was published by Sumizdat, 2008. Here are a few sample chapters and pages.

mathematical education

מאמר בנושא מתמטיקה וחינוך